Katie Caston

Director of Experience

My Reason Why

We all belong and yet we all have experienced the deep pain that comes with the moments you feel like you are alone and have no sense of belonging. I have spent many moments of my life working to create environments, relationships and community where every person feels the warmth of belonging. Here Tomorrow expands that possibility and creates focused efforts for lives that need it most. 

Designing experiences and understanding the perspectives of others are one and the same. Using data and information allows us to understand the bigger story of mental healthcare within our community and beyond. At Here Tomorrow, my role is to support experiences that allow for hope to be felt, and share truths with information that spark hope.

You normalize mental health by speaking up as if it is everyday component of life, because it is. I share, honestly, outloud and frequently. Through my personal experience, experiences of my loved ones and stories shared with me, I help others see how ABnormal it is not to communicate about mental health. Like all growth, this can be painful, but only at first. Then you feel the comfort of sharing openly without hesitation and that is a powerful way to let everyone know they are not alone. 

You can transform lives.

Help us support the community that needs us most.