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Why Our Team

Because our best resources are our people

We promote trust and relationship building on both sides through one-on-one mentorship.

We support open and honest dialogue, between both our team and those seeking help.

Whether you need to share your lowest low or your highest high, our team is always available.

Compassionate Advocates

At Here Tomorrow, we understand that our team is essential in the recovery process. This is why we carefully select compassionate advocates who have experienced mental health challenges firsthand. Our team members serve as an example of recovery, displaying top-notch communication skills and demonstrating a welcoming hand throughout the entire process.

Our Team

Hand in hand with our guiding mission, the mental well-being of our team is our top priority. That’s why we offer our therapy services 100% covered, so they can continue receiving the accessible and acceptable care they deserve.

You Can Transform Lives

Your donation helps ensure that Here Tomorrow can be there for those in need, and make sure they are still here tomorrow.