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Origins of Here Tomorrow

Joe Kenney was helpless when his son, Gary, was hopeless. Gary battled depression by shutting out the man he called his only friend in the world – his father. Despite connections across the country from a successful business career, Joe found that mental health resources were not only insufficient, they were nearly nonexistent. “I couldn’t find any help here, I didn’t know where to go or what to do, and I know everybody. How’s the average person supposed to find help?”

In April 2019, Gary died by suicide. At Gary’s funeral, Joe vowed to create something new that would save others from such a loss. By April 2021, Joe was front page news, having opened the doors of Here Tomorrow just two months prior.

What is Here Tomorrow?

Here Tomorrow removes the most critical barriers to mental health support: accessibility and affordability. Since 2021, Here Tomorrow has provided suicide prevention services through certified peer support at no cost and with no wait to more than 1,900 individuals in crisis. Here Tomorrow’s services remain at no cost throughout an entire year for friends – those feeling hopeless or suicidal – and family – those concerned about a loved one who may be at risk of suicide.

The Certified Recovery Peer Specialists of Here Tomorrow team up with friends and family, joining them on a path to recovery and inspiring them to take their new confidence and skills into the world. Here Tomorrow peers host weekly support groups 5 days a week and can coordinate licensed therapy for those who require further support, fully funding 12-16 sessions with one of more than 75 mental health providers carefully selected for an individualized experience.