About Us

Mission, Vision, and Values

Help is Here for Everyone.

Creating a community where mental health support is acceptable and accessible means that all of us have a part. We believe that our services should be built from the ground up to ensure health equity and inspire social justice. Our strength is rooted in a team of people from all backgrounds, all walks of life, and all cultures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives by building a community where suicide prevention is accessible without barriers.

Our Vision

Everyone wins when we achieve our vision that all community members who are at risk for suicide can access mental health support services and live full, meaningful lives.

We fulfill our mission by executing on our core model:

Hiring and certifying people with lived experiences to become peer support specialists to offer real-life connections in support.

Educating the community.

Normalizing the conversation about mental health conditions and suicidality.

Connecting those seeking help with additional resources.