Peer Support Specialist

My Reason Why

Victims of trauma chronically feel unsafe inside their own bodies. I aspire to create environments for myself and others where we can feel safe with each other and reconnect to our authentic selves. Connection is one of the most important aspects of mental health; and safe connections have been fundamental in my own healing and creating a meaningful and satisfying life. 

I inspire hope by sharing that no matter how all-consuming and overwhelming our struggles might seem, it is here. As a certified yoga teacher and empathetic listener I believe in you and empower you with tools & skills to help you believe in yourself.

I have learned that there is no magic cure for recovery and healing. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and it is not always linear. I had success with alternative treatment approaches that integrate the mind and the body. Implementing daily habits to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is essential.

You can transform lives.

Help us support the community that needs us most.