Manny Vera

Military Peer Support Specialist

My Reason Why

As a former service member, I have experienced challenges trying to be transparent about my mental health struggles. It’s important to me to destigmatize the barriers surrounding mental health in the first responder and veteran communities. Here Tomorrow has the most efficient model to help bridge the gap of accessibility through peer support. Mental health is a matter of readiness, senior leaders should emphasize and push for the best care for our nation’s most valuable asset, our service members.

I work to inspire hope in others by normalizing difficult conversations about mental health. My life experiences show that recovery is possible, providing a glimmer of light to those that find themselves in a dark place.

No one’s path towards recovery is linear, there can be unexpected twists and turns. Finding the resiliency to continue moving forward, step by step despite those obstacles is commendable and achievable. It is also vital to realize that “its ok to not be ok” and “its ok to ask for help.”  Never give up. You matter and you are not alone.

You can transform lives.

Help us support the community that needs us most.