Solving the Suicide Epidemic in Duval and St. Johns County

Suicide is an epidemic in our community.  The suicide epidemic in Duval and St. Johns county is of major concern to our mental healthcare system.  In 2019, in Duval and St. Johns counties alone, 230 members of our community were lost to suicide, the most preventable form of death.  We can’t operate expecting people that need help to be asking for help.  If we do, people will continue to die and we’ll be continuing to the question, “Why?”

It is imperative that we interrupt the current trend; with your help, together, we can.

To learn more, check out this presentation from Jeff Yalden, director of education and community outreach at Here Tomorrow.

Please consider using and sharing this video with our school communities, business leaders, government officials, church leaders, and more.  We need to come together to change the narrative around mental healthcare in Jacksonville.  Everyone wins when we achieve our vision that all community members in need can access mental healthcare and live full, meaningful lives.

Together we can normalize the conversation about mental health, addiction, and be supportive of seeking answers for mental health conditions.  We at Here Tomorrow pride ourselves in connecting those seeking help with the resources they need when they need it.

A New Approach and Bridge To Your Tomorrow – Solving the Suicide Epidemic in Duval County and St. John’s County

We are creating something that did not exist before designed to eliminate the barriers to access to mental healthcare in Duval and St. John’s counties.  Our goal is to reach folks who are contemplating seeking help and families, who may not know how to help a loved one.  We refer to the people we serve as “friends” and will check in at regular intervals over the course of a year following our first encounter.

Thinking about Suicide?

Lots of people do.  We’d like to share with you why.  On our website at www.HereTomorrow.org  we have a suicide prevention tool for you to go through.  Don’t get discouraged that it says, “For men only!”  It really is for anyone, but when the tool was built is was originally for men because men are four times more likely to complete the act of suicide.  In short, this help tool for suicide is a great place to start.  There are two parts to the interactive tool.  Part 1 is The Problem.  Part 2 is the solution.  Go ahead and check it out and consider sharing it with anyone you think would benefit from it.  Visit The Suicide Prevention Tool Now!

Here Tomorrow – Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Support in Jacksonville

Here Tomorrow is a new approach to suicide prevention and eliminating barriers to accessing mental healthcare.  Joe Kenney, board president and chief benefactor says, “We are reimagining how we as a community can come together to solve this crisis.  Here Tomorrow exists to face this problem head-on.”

Dr. Paul Quinnett, founder and CEO of QPR Institute says, “Those who are most at risk for suicide are the least likely to ask for help.  Thus, we must find our at-risk fellow citizens and help them where they are.”  We cannot do this alone.  It takes a village of like-minded people talking about mental health and encouraging those suffering in silence to reach out and ask for help.

On average, nationally, it takes 33 days for an initial behavior health appointment.  For people feeling hopeless, this is not acceptable.  Another factor preventing people from getting help is the cost.  On average, it costs about $100 per session for talk therapy.

Keep in mind, many members of our community suffering in silence.  Over two thirds of people in the United States who have a diagnosable mental illness do not seek treatment (Musal, 2019).  As a community we need to silence the stigma because people are afraid to ask for help.  It’s okay to not be okay; it’s also ok to ask for help.

Duval County Community Health Assessment – Mental Health #1

The Duval County Community Health Assessment found that mental health is the most important health challenges facing Duval County.  We must normalize the conversation about mental health.

Make sure you check us out at Here Tomorrow.  We exist to offer a warm, welcoming physical and virtual space to have conversations about mental health and what to do if mental health problems are getting in the way of you living your life.

For education and support in Northeast Florida, please do not hesitate to call us at (904) 372-9087.  Also, visit us at www.HereTomorrow.org.


Musal, S. (2019, March 27). Breaking down barriers to behavioral Health post of Ally Health. https://www.allyhealth.net/breaking-down-barriers-to-behavioral-health/.