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Our Space

The Meeting Place

Known for accommodating walk-ins, appointments, and in-person group sessions, our space is characterized by a serene, calming, and inviting ambiance, carefully crafted to set a positive tone for all visitors.

Conversation Rooms

Our specialized conversation rooms, designed for comfort and support, create a warm and welcoming environment, establishing a safe space for meaningful conversations.
Each room serves a unique purpose:

Understanding Room

Designed to facilitate understanding and encourage open dialogue.

Perspective Room

Dedicated to exploring different perspectives with an inviting atmosphere for diverse discussions.

Hope Room

Infused with positivity and optimism, and intended for uplifting and inspiring conversations.

Connection Room

Focused on fostering connections, building meaningful relationships, and offering activities and features that encourage interpersonal bonds.

The Teen Space

With a youthful and vibrant feel, the Teen Space’s creatively designed environment encourages open expression and engagement.

Teen Space Conversation Rooms

Tailored to the energy and experiences of teenagers, these rooms are welcoming and supportive in atmosphere.

Compassion Room

Designed to evoke empathy and understanding and foster a compassionate and supportive environment.

Healing Room

Intended for discussions centered around healing and growth, providing a comforting and safe space.

Serenity Room

Promotes tranquility and calmness and is ideal for reflective and peaceful conversations.