It takes the generous support of people like you to build a community where mental healthcare is acceptable and accessible. We are excited for every opportunity to meet our supporters and share this movement. We also make it easy for you to host a Here Tomorrow Community Event.

Here Tomorrow Events

How to Host An Event

If you are passionate about our mission, you can do pretty much anything to help us! Creating an event is a fantastic way to fundraise for our programs. You can ask for donations, run a race, host a dinner party or workplace fundraiser, or even sell lemonade. Whatever you enjoy doing, it can be used to help.

Event FAQs

Here Tomorrow has Classy available for you to register your event and obtain a donor page specific to your fundraiser that you may personalize and share with your friends, family and potential attendees. Directing attendees to donate via the link allows funds to come directly to Here Tomorrow without the inconvenience of having to personally manage donations. Utilizing social media to share your event information and link is a terrific way to get the news out about your event.

Feel free to share your event with our Facebook Community page, and be sure to tag us #HereTomorrow in all of your posts (across all social media platforms) related to the event. Note: Here Tomorrow must review all marketing/advertising for the event before anything is printed or distributed.

Here Tomorrow is incredibly grateful to supporters who want nothing more than to help raise funds and awareness for our life-saving program. We would love to attend every event, but unfortunately it is not feasible. With our main campus and staff located in Neptune Beach, FL, we rely on event hosts to be our voice to help raise awareness and funds where we cannot. We evaluate a request for attendance on a case-by-case basis, and cannot guarantee the presence of a representative at your event. Note: Friends and/or Family Members are not required to attend events or participate in any way. Many prefer their privacy and generally do not attend events.

*Should your event occur locally near one of Here Tomorrow’s primary business operation facilities, we may coordinate a Here Tomorrow information table operated by our volunteer ambassadors. Note: Please give at least a two-week notice for this request.

Yes. Having a sponsor is a great way to offset your fundraising costs. Here Tomorrow can provide you with an event verification letter if requested, however, we cannot provide your sponsor with a tax receipt for their donation to your fundraiser. If you are not with a nonprofit organization that claims 501(c)(3) status, please do not promise a charitable tax receipt.

We are not legally permitted to provide our sales tax letter for third-party events.

Your third-party event cannot use our charitable 501(c)(3) identification number. Donations that are made directly to Here Tomorrow will receive tax receipts.

We will send tax receipts to donors whose checks or online donations are made directly to Here Tomorrow. Should you choose to send us a combined check donation from your event and would like individual donors to receive tax receipts, we would need the details of who donated, the amount donated, and their contact information. By law, we can not issue a tax receipt to both you and your donor(s).

No. Anyone can host a fundraiser that benefits Here Tomorrow. We request that any fundraising event hosted by a third party contact our Director of Donor Relations, Nancy Weaver, to receive approval before getting started.

We understand that fundraisers incur expenses, however, Here Tomorrow cannot fund or financially support community events. Community event organizers are responsible for covering all costs and will not be reimbursed by Here Tomorrow. For these reasons, as you start to collect money, you may want to retain some funds to help pay for your expenses. Please note that we cannot issue a tax receipt for donations made to your event that are covering your costs. If you are not with an organization that claims 501(c)(3) status, please do not promise a charitable tax receipt.