"This is the first and only place I’ve been able to actually receive the help for my mental health needs in a timely manner. They called me back within the hour, scheduled an appointment for the following day, and had me set up with a mentor and a therapist by the time I left. It’s the only place that has actually listened to my problems and addressed them with love and care, not medication. There’s no other place like it!!"
"In a desperate moment, Here Tomorrow was very welcoming and attentive to my needs. I was able to walk in and they immediately took me in and helped calm me. Thank you."
"There have been many changes in my life over the past two years moving to Texas and back to Florida changing jobs along with a host of other issue I found myself in a state of undeniable depression. I fought it it for a while on my own but was not making any real progress. Finally I started reaching out for help and was directed to Here Tomorrow. I was told that they always answered and they did! They answered the phone and I felt foolish as I fought back crying to say I just need someone to speak to. My Peer was quick to make sure I knew that was what he was there to for. I have been speaking regularly for the past week and half with Here Tomorrow and it has meant the world to me. I know what my issues are and what I need to do but I didn’t have someone with an objective view to talk to that could confirm or question what I was thinking and how to move forward. Now I do!"
"Here Tomorrow are amazing people. They truly understand the need of supportive groups that help friends overcome mental health challenges. Their model of follow up, as well as their peer support specialists have been strategically designed to change mental health services as we know it, and they truly are exceptional when it comes to partnership by integrating their service of hope, and encouragement not only in Jacksonville, but wherever there is a need. Thank you guys! We cannot wait to see how together, we will change the world by providing hope and encouragement everywhere!"
"Here Tomorrow is an excellent resource for people in need of support. They are caring, knowledgeable, compassionate professionals. They WILL be there for you! Easy conversation with no pressure, no strings; such a positive experience!"
"I walked into Here Tomorrow earlier this week and was greeted with open arms. I could not believe there was a place like this. They are an open ear to talk to and will find any way to help if needed. It seems to be about human connection and healing for any person. Thank you all for welcoming me into your community!"
"Gave me hope and I think thats all I needed. Telling me im capable and can make my own dreams a reality. Extremely supportive. 5 out of 5."
"The Here Tomorrow team were God sent for my family during our time of need. The passion and compassion they have to help others is beyond anything I have seen. They truly have a heart to help others. They take pride in not just helping for a season, they invests their time and wisdom to become a true friend and advocate."
They are always available to meet or talk whenever you need to. The group meeting are relaxed and there’s no pressure to share if you don’t want to. I can’t say enough good things about them. Would highly recommended."
"The team at Here Tomorrow has the knowledge, experience, network, and people power. My family is deeply grateful for their insight, guidance and continued support. Thank you for being Here with us every step of the way."
"I first came into contact with Here Tomorrow after having tried getting through to the VA without success. The first time I spoke with them I immediately felt a bit better because he made me feel as if they really cared. They listened, didn't judge me, told me that they had been where I was (and I believed them- their tone), and offered me a solution with a general path to help me heal. While I am, at this point, far from healed, I definitely feel more optimistic than I did before I spoke with Here Tomorrow. In many ways, I feel they helped save my life by taking me from my lowest point to where I am now: on a path to recovery. Thank you Here Tomorrow."
"We reached out to Here Tomorrow because we were having some issues with our daughter having difficulties at school & being depressed. Our Peer was a Godsend and took the time to come to our home and personally talk to her and gave us resources to help her through her hard time. We will always be grateful to Here Tomorrow and everything they do to make the world a brighter place and giving us hope to press on through the challenges of life. Thank you for all you do!"
"My son and I walked into Here Tomorrow this week and we felt very welcome right away. I called earlier in the day and got him an appointment for the same day in the evening, very convenient. They listened to my son's symptoms, worries and concern in a very attentive manner. That night we both walked out feeling calm, positive and hopeful."
"Here Tomorrow is a much needed addition to the mental health community. When dealing with people in crisis, they make their well-being a priority and make sure that they get the help they need. They are responsive and caring, and I only hear positive things about the entire team. Im really excited to see the great things that will come from this organization. Thank you for what you do!"
"Here Tomorrow has been very consistent and helpful. When no one else would respond they helped immediately. I am so thankful for the program & would recommend it to any one in need."
"This organization is a must for any city, town village or community as either we suffer silently or know a family member, friend or co-worker suffering silently and needs help. Here Tomorrow has the much needed help!"
"Coming here I found a place that gave me an opportunity to be with people who are likely to have a common purpose and likely to understand some of the things I'm dealing with. In attending the support group each Monday has helped me to feel less lonely, isolated or judged. It has become my Safe Haven."
"They really support you. They have guided me out of a dark place in my life and I am truly Grateful for Here Tomorrow. I haven’t found any help assistance to accept you with open arms like Here Tomorrow. Give it a try I promise you you won’t regret it."
"I'm so excited for the work this organization is doing in the community!"
"Excellent place to go and talk with someone if you’re having any kind of emotional concerns especially if you feel like you don’t want to be here anymore or life is too difficult."
"I'm here today, because of the team from Here Tomorrow I'm so grateful to God, there is truly a such thing as LIFE SAVERS and they are sweeter than the Candy they show REAL Love need help try 2-1-1."