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Mariel Acosta

Mariel Acosta

Military Peer Support Specialist

As a Marine Corps Veteran, LGBTQ+, Hispanic woman, it was difficult for me to ask for help. Going through life, I have learned that at times all I needed was for someone to tell me “It will be ok” or to simply listen. I know from personal experience that in this highly populated world, I can still feel alone. My goal is to make sure I am there to help others move from a place of hopelessness, loneliness, and pain, by sharing my experiences and to remind them that they are not alone. Things will change and can change, and things will be ok. Maybe not now, but with meaningful connections, understanding and empathy, it can be achieved.

I inspire hope by being an example of hope. Taking my experiences and being able to relate with the individual empathetically. I anticipate that once I am able to understand the individual, groups, and our organization, we can collaborate to establish a healthy way of coping, communicating, and achieving our goals. Recovery is an ongoing state of mind. Actively reaching out and by moving past fears and apprehensions, we can find and receive the help we need and openly speak about ways to promote better living and overcome suicidality.

I inspire hope by being an example of hope.

Mariel Acosta, Military Peer Support Specialist