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Andi Jackson

Andi Jackson

Peer Support Specialist

Struggling with mental health makes you feel alone and like things will never get better. You hold things in thinking no one will understand or care. I want to be the person someone knows who will always care, listen without judgment, and do nothing less than be their cheerleader as they walk their journey to mental wellness.

I am a firm believer in telling someone, “I’ve been there.” There were times where I gave up hope in myself and in my mental health journey, but I was able to get well enough to serve others who have lost hope. I will instill hope by showing friends that it is never too late to make a change in your life and that goes for every challenge you may face. Recovery happens when you are dedicated to getting to a better place and understand exactly what recovery looks like. Recovery takes time, hard work, will not be flawless, and is unique to you. You may feel like you’ve gone back a step or two, but you pick up lessons along the way and use them as momentum to continue moving forward. Resilience happens when we get to that state of going backwards or you’re faced with a challenge. All the knowledge and practices you’ve picked up on your journey are put to the test and you “bounce back” by implementing them.

Resiliency is a great way to show your strength and how far you have come.

I am a firm believer in telling someone, "I’ve been there."

Andi Jackson, Peer Support Specialist