Maia Savage

Outreach & Collaboration Coordinator

My Reason Why

My experience with depression, anxiety, and grief showed me how broken the mental healthcare system is and sparked a passion to do something about it. Here Tomorrow is exactly the kind of resource I wish I had when I was in crisis, and I am proud to be a part of the fundamental change we are striving to create in the way mental healthcare is perceived. 

This role gives me opportunities to spread awareness and acceptance of mental health, and share the incredible resources offered by Here Tomorrow. Mental health affects everyone, but not everyone feels comfortable talking about it or seeking care. I am open about my mental health struggles and history in the hopes that it will encourage others to comfortably do the same. I believe reducing the everyday stigma of mental health is one of the most valuable ways to let people in crisis know they are not alone.

I began my career with an international non-profit organization that brought together economists from around the globe. This experience helped me realize I could use my skills to do work I am passionate about. Today I share the Here Tomorrow message and work with people of all backgrounds to build a community where it is ok to ask for help.

You can transform lives.

Help us support the community that needs us most.