Katherine Kowal

My Reason Why

After working nearly a decade in the hospital setting, I was discouraged by the lack of compassion and knowledge surrounding mental health and I wanted to help bridge that gap. Wellness involves looking at the whole person and I want to support awareness and a holistic approach to health, which includes mental health and how it directly affects all aspects of an individual’s health.  

My role at Here Tomorrow involves bridging the gap by swiftly connecting our friends with outpatient therapy. Today, for most, it can be weeks or months before receiving mental health services. Our Friends at Here Tomorrow receive same-day peer support and have their first therapy session in the days that immediately follow.  We support others on their journey of mental and emotional healing.

I am proud to talk about my education and role in the mental health field.  My empathy and passion for research in this field allows me to share my beliefs about mental health through meaningful conversations and inspire friends to move forward in their mental health recovery.  

You can transform lives.

Help us support the community that needs us most.