Joshua Rey

Grant Coordinator

My Reason Why

I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2018, and when my therapist stopped accepting my insurance, I neglected my mental health struggles.

They caught up to me late one night, so I swallowed my pride and called a 1-800 number for help. When the stranger on the other end followed up with a hand-written card, I felt a rush of relief that someone cared about me. That little push inspired me to return to therapy and turn a corner in my life that was out of reach for years.

Day in and day out, Here Tomorrow plays a pivotal role for those feeling hopeless like I did. Literally and figuratively, the service that our peers provide is priceless.

Had Here Tomorrow existed in 2018, I would have benefitted greatly from peer support. Now that I’m part of this incredible team, I strive to do my small part in accomplishing our mission of transforming lives.

You can transform lives.

Help us support the community that needs us most.