Amanda Frankenfield

Ever since she can remember she’s wanted to work in the profession of helping others.  Her childhood, teens, and early adulthood she spent combating the dilemmas that arose from the tragedy of losing her mother to suicide and her father, a few short months later. 

Amanda knew that her purpose in life was to share her experiences, battles, and achievements with others who were or had been in similar situations that brought pain, suffering and hopelessness upon them.

For too many years that she can remember, she went from one therapist to another.  Different types of therapies and learning how to reframe and rewrite her story, she realized that it wasn’t wasted time.  Through the duration of that time, Amanda learned a plethora of coping skills, strategies and messages of hope that she now has in her toolbox and uses to inspire, motivate, teach, and encourage others. 

Amanda considers it an honor every day to share those who need support like she needed it. 

She is a recovering addict, lives with BPD and PTSD, which was made possible through working programs, using DBT and holding herself accountable.  She has grown and become the person she is today through self-reflection, doing the work, and consistently being honest with herself and her past.

You can transform lives.

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