Helping Families Cope

The Vinson Foundation Support Group

Supporting Families and Friends who have lost a loved one to Suicide

Have you or someone you know been touched by suicide?

Please join us, the 4th Wednesday of every month at Here Tomorrow.

Here Tomorrow Event Schedule

910 3rd Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

6pm – 8pm.  Free and open to the public.

Suicide Support Group - Jacksonville & The Beaches

For the purpose of supporting families and friends who have lost a loved one to suicide, The Vinson Foundation and Here Tomorrow have partnered to host a Support Group the 4th Wednesday of every month at HERE TOMORROW.  If you’re in the Jacksonville or the Jacksonville beach communities and have dealt with a suicide, this suicide support group welcomes you.

The unexpected loss of James Vinson by suicide occurred in September 2013 and devastated everyone that knew him.  

Too many families and friends experience confusion, blame, guilt, fear, shame and anger that comes associated with losing a loved one by suicide. The Vinson Foundation and HERE TOMORROW want to help families coping with loss by suicide.

Mental Health Jacksonville: Suicide Support Group

The Vinson Foundation carefully states that this is a support group for those who’ve suffered loss by suicide.  

The Vinson Foundation isn’t a crisis center and they’re not trained professionals.  They are just people who care and are experiencing the same pain, thoughts and feelings other families are.  They’re a shoulder to cry on, the ear to vent to and the arms to hug.  The Vinson Foundation provides comfort during this long and hard journey.

Jacksonville Mental Health and Counseling

Here Tomorrow is a mental health collaborative that works closely with community resources for mental healthcare in the Jacksonville communities and the Jacksonville Beach communities.

We can easily refer anyone to professional counseling and therapy and together with The Vinson Foundation can cover costs if they cannot afford it themselves.

For more information, please call 904-509-2749 or contact Gloria Vinson directly email.