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– Megan, Community Leader, PA

“No mental health speaker has ever been as amazing as you! . . . You could go from the funniest thing ever, making people laugh uncontrollably, to the most serious, sad, and emotion story I’ve ever heard; all in an instant, and at the exact right moment. You were simply amazing to our community. Thank you for the life-changing and incredible conversations you had with our community."

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, Jeff Yalden was in the prime of his career as a youth mental health speaker and consultant with school communities.  Within two weeks, Jeff had over 40 booked speaking engagements cancelled.  Thus, having to return deposits and deal with the sudden loss of business.  

This was a time of reflection and forecasting the future.  Three decades of professional speaking and consulting about mental health and suicide prevention was Jeff’s love and passion, but at the same time Jeff knew he wanted to be more impactful.

An opportunity in October 2020 came up with Here Tomorrow.  A phone call, an interview, another interview, and on December 1, 2020, Jeff left his non-profit, The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. & Jeff Yalden International and became full-time with Here Tomorrow to continue his passion and mission of educating, inspiring, and supporting those living with mental health conditions, but this time he decided to do it all in Jacksonville, FL.  

Want to learn more about Jeff Yalden prior to coming to Here Tomorrow?  Visit Jeff’s website

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Keith Brown, Pastor

Jeff Yalden was a Godsend and took the time to come to our home and personally talk to our daughter and gave us resources to help her through her hard time. We will always be grateful to Jeff, Here Tomorrow and everything they do to make the world a brighter place and giving us hope to press on through the challenges of life. Thank you for all you do!

If you’re looking for a speaker to talk to your organization, Rotary Club, non-profit organization, place of business, place of worship, school, parent or community event; look no further!

At Here Tomorrow, Jeff Yalden is available to custom tailor his message, the mission of Here Tomorrow, and our business model to normalize the conversation about mental health and suicide prevention, Jeff Yalden can do that.

We promise that you will be inspired by Jeff’s message, compassion, and love for this conversation.  We at Here Tomorrow bring you this opportunity at no cost.

Contact us today!  Call 904-372-9087 and inquire about having Jeff speak at your event.

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