Joe Kenney

Joe Kenney

Chief Benefactor and Board President

Joe is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several companies including Commercial Fire, a nationwide fire and life safety company, of which he served as CEO until he sold the company in 2017.

He is originally from Youngtown, Ohio and relocated to Florida shortly after completing a degree in Business Administration at Northern Ohio University.  He is an avid golfer and resides in a golfing community in the mountains of North Carolina during the summer months.

Joe credits his success in business to his ability to envision the future and create something that did not exist before.

When he is not on the golf course Joe enjoys spending time with his dog Bear, traveling, visiting family, fine dining, and catching football games with friends. 

On April 19, 2019 Joe lost his son Gary, age 30, to suicide.  Prior to Gary’s death, Joe did everything he could to help Gary who was battling severe depression.  When he and his son needed help the most, Joe encountered a healthcare system that was not equipped advise him or help him keep Gary safe.

On the day of Gary’s funeral Joe made a decision.  He decided to, again, create something that did not exist before, an entity designed to be there for people who are feeling hopeless and families that have no place to turn to for help.

Joe believes if Here Tomorrow can ensure that one son, one father, one brother or one sister is here with us tomorrow, it will all be worth it.

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