WHAM Training

WHAM Training in Jacksonville, FL

Whole Health Action Management Training

Join us in Whole Health Action Management Training!

This program will teach the following Whole Health Self-Management skills:

  • Identify strengths in 10 science-based whole health and resiliency factors.
  • Engage in person-centered planning.
  • Write a whole health and resiliency goal based on person-centered planning.
  • Create and log a weekly action plan.
  • Participate in WHAM peer support groups to create new health behavior.
  • Elicit the Relaxation Response to manage stress.
  • Engage in skills to challenge negative thinking.

Participating in WHAM with Here Tomorrow

There are two major components to the WHAM Program.  The first follows the Participant Manual and uses a person-centered planning process in 10 whole health and resiliency factors to help you create a concise whole health goal to begin the self-management process.  Second, the Participant Manual offers skills to enhance self-management, introduces the 8 weeks of WHAM peer support groups and helps you build weekly action plans to create new healthy habits.

The WHAM program focuses on 10 whole health and resiliency factors to develop mind-body resiliency to promote self-management skills recommended by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, which is renowned for decades of research on promoting resiliency through stress reduction using the Relaxatation Response.

Mind-body resiliency skills and engagement in the healing relationships of peer support are also essential because of the growing awareness of the impact of trauma, especially childhood trauma, on all dimensions of health.

Participation in the WHAM program means you agree to:

  1. Work on a whole health and resiliency goal.
  2. Engage in peer support to reach your whole health and resiliency goal.
  3. Participate in a WHAM peer support group that meets weekly.