Trey Thomas

Peer Trey
Peer Support Specialist

My Reason Why

I have experienced homeless, addiction, Major Depression, and live everyday with ADHD. With those challenges, it felt impossible to imagine any kind of stability, success and especially happiness. In all honesty, I hated myself very deeply. Over the years, I slowly started to contemplate if things had the possibility to be different and finally took the leap beginning my recovery journey. It has not been an instantaneous process, but one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever taken on. 

Face to face human connection is one of the most powerful things we have at our disposal. I aim to emphasize human connection above all else. Thinking back to my darkest days where I was resigned to my perceived fate of no longer living, I found hope in other humans. 

It took a tremendous amount of pain, suffering, and consequences to get to a point where I realized I needed help. Connecting to others during this time is the key to taking that difficult first step and getting professional help. Recovery is continuous and it is connection to the people that matter that continue to support the journey.

You can transform lives.

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