Allen Stewart

Allen has been a Jacksonville resident since 1987. He was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during his senior year at Stanton College Preparatory School.

Allen struggled with mental health issues and substance use during his college years, but graduated from the University of North Florida in 2005.

He has spent time as a high school English teacher in Jacksonville, on a ranch in Colorado, at a seminary in Decatur, and as a substitute teacher in Duval County.

His struggled with substance use in the past, but was able to quit alcohol in July of 2014.  Thankful for the support of family and friends. 

Today, Allen enjoys his work helping others see that recovery is possible.  He holds a certification as a CRPS – Certified Recovery Peer Specialist from the Florida Certification Board.

Outside of his work, Allen enjoys fishing, camping, live music and adventuring. He is a reader of poetry and history. He appreciates many styles of music which has caused his sister to wonder who he really is on more than one occasion. 

Allen is a a proud Stewart of both Scottish and Irish decent.  He can be found from time to time in his kilt learning Gaelic and slightly embarrassing himself giving his best impression of the Highland Fling.

Allen was married to his incredible wife, Aisha, in the summer of 2021. She is patient, supportive, thoughtful, funny, and kind. A native of Maryland, she survived her first Florida summer and is enjoying her first Florida winter.

Allen has a passion for serving others. He is grateful for his position at Here Tomorrow because it is a place where his interests, talents, and skills are both utilized daily and valued by his teammates.

Allen plans on improving his skills and serving his community to the best of his ability.